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                 New Product Promises to Reduce Infections, Costs;

                             Improve Treatment for Heart Patients

July 1, 2015 (SEATTLE, WA  ) On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at the Life Science Innovation Conference, Charles Davis, the CEO and Founder of NIVasc unveiled a revolutionary product, called VasoMap,™ that will have a profound impact on critical and non-critical hospital patients.

VasoMap™  is a non-invasive easy to use blood measure tool that measures central venous pressure (CVP). VasoMap™will expand care options, reduce risks and costs associated with measuring CVP, and most importantly save lives.   The product has been tested and will be seeking FDA clearance within the next few months. NIVasc plans to start shipping the VasoMap™  product during the first quarter of next year.

During the conference, once an image of the VasoMap™  hit the screen, cells phone in the hands of those in audience dropped as their attention went directly to the presentation. Mr. Davis’ slide presentation which is now available by request, showed the patented VasoMap™   product, how it works, how it will be a critical tool in future ER departments as well as in other venues, and how it fits in the current industry reimbursement payment module.

CVP is an important indicator of cardiovascular well-being or distress, but currently can only be measured invasively, with Central Venous Catheters. Heart failure patients account for 5% of Emergency Room visits (roughly 120 million) in US hospitals per year. Yet, ER physicians do not have time or training to place these catheters for CVP measurement. In addition, Central Venous Catheters come with risks: CVP’s are listed by the CDC as the leading cause of blood stream infections (sepsis) caused in hospitals; 75,000 Americans die every year from this kind of infection. Current studies also support the use of CVP as a cause for worsening renal function in heart failure patients.

Mr. Davis’ presentation discussed the ability of VasoMap™ to solve these issues, with non-invasive measurement. In addition, VasoMap™ will have a significant positive impact on hospital costs, as the use of CVP and the resulting serious side effects they can cause have created tremendous financial pressures for hospitals. Hospitals are under increasing pressure to reduce all Hospital Acquired Infections.

“A conference speaker stated that: ‘we must remember that healthcare is really about the people it touches, and we need to develop more devices that do just that,’ says NiVasc CEO and Founder Charles Davis. “VasoMap™ is one of these devices. We are excited to show it to medical professionals and look forward to seeing it used in hospitals across the country and improving treatment to patients.”

NIVasc, Inc., the maker of VasoMap,™ is a State of Washington corporation based out of Vancouver, Washington.

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