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​​​​​VasoMapTM The First Application

Noninvasive measurement of blood flow parameters in healthcare is a major frontier in patient monitoring technology.  The worldwide markets requiring these measurements of cardiovascular disease status are broad and deep.  The initial product release of the VasoMapTM platform technology will noninvasively measure the widely used parameter of Central Venous Pressure (NICVP).  VasoMapTM will be easy to use, patient wearable, wireless, and can be utilized in both critical and non-critical healthcare venues including hospital critical care, sub intensive care, and in the home. 

 NICVP is a clinical game changer since CVP currently is most commonly measured in a critical care venue with invasive catheter technology for Fluid, Heart Failure, and Sepsis management.  The ability to measure CVP non-invasively makes this valuable measure available outside of critical care venues.  The first follow-on option release will be CNIBP that will be released following initial introduction of the VasoMapTM NICVP.  CNIBP is a software upgrade to the base VasoMapTM platform.

VasoMapTM is a new type of patented noninvasive cardiovascular monitoring technology that integrates vascular volume measurements with vascular pressure measurements resulting in the characterization of the Vascular Compliance Structure of the Peripheral Vascular Loop (PVL) for the first time in patient monitoring.  The VasoMapTM is a vascular compliance monitor (∆V/∆P) which gives it the ability to measure cardiovascular parameters heretofore not measurable by invasive or noninvasive means.  These measures give the VasoMapTM market capabilities well beyond conventional cardiovascular patient monitors, putting the VasoMapTM in a patient monitoring class by itself.  

NIVasc's VasoMapTM consists of:

  • A patient worn monitor containing electronic and pneumatic components for making pressure and volume measurements and transmitting data to a separate computer for analysis
  • A blood pressure cuff with proprietary VasoMap™ disposable volume sensor
  • A custom Tablet Computer for monitor control, data analysis, and data presentation
  • Software for data acquisition, signal processing algorithms for parameter determination and communication to multiple formats
  • Wireless data communication capability

The prototype components:

VasoMap Future Products

NIVasc will introduce additional noninvasive hemodynamic measures driven by interest shown by clinicians to foresee conditions leading to shock,  to more efficiently detect and treat heart failure, hypertension, kidney failure, and diabetes,  and that allow for disease screening, monitoring patient drug interaction and minimization of hospital admissions and re admissions.  The VasoMapTM allows us to now chart the uncharted rivers of life.  This new capability promises a new standard in disease management.

Some of theTargeted follow-on parameters include Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume, Stroke Volume Variation, Mean Arterial Pressure, Vessel Compliances of all seven PVL segments, Hydration Distribution Status, Preload, and Afterload on the Heart, Dry Weight determination for dialysis patients and a unique status of each vascular segment known as the Davis Compliance Stack.